A Government Authorized and Specialized Agent for Citizenship Advisory and Diplomatic Services

Open Borders is a Government approved and licensed company specialized in processing Citizenship Programs to enable qualified people to legally obtain a second passport in the fastest possible way and within a matter of months. Since its  inception Open Borders has successfully processed second nationality and passports for hundreds of clients from over 45 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Our network of global associates and partners specialize in different areas of Citizenship and Residency Immigration creating a unique synergy that allows us to successfully achieve our client,objectives. The  laws and regulations governing immigration, visas, citizenship, and business relocation and related investments are complex in nature. However, Open Borders represents a one-stop shop to facilitate the process for you, cater to all your needs, and accomplish your projects within a reasonable time period and budget. We value our clients and partner with them to deliver truly innovative solutions.

We offer services to Investors, High-Net-Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Individuals with senior management experience. We are defined by our values; integrity, transparency, accuracy, and timeliness. Our passion and dedication is to help our clients to achieve their dreams of securing their life and the life of their loved ones. Years of experience are the foundation of a smooth, swift Application Process. The lifeline of our business depends on our ability to expedite your file towards a fast and successful conclusion. Our network of experienced professionals in global citizenship and residency dedicate their technical skills to provide you with guidance tailored to your needs Your passport cannot be revoked, and it is not limited by any expiry date or changes to the Citizenship by Investment Program. In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, you will have the security and peace of mind offered by a second passport.