Tuvalu Citizenship by Investment

  • Eligibility Criteria for Portuguese Residency
  • Advantages of Portuguese Residency

Minimum Investment



Minimum Investment



Time To Residency

5- +


Visa Free Access

130 +


Portugal Residency By Investment Program

Tuvalu (Ellice Islands), is a Polynesian island nation located in the Pacific Ocean, about midway between Hawaii and Australia. Tuvalu has a total population of approximately 10,600 and GDP is $39 million. A popular domain name ending with .tv is for Tuvalu. The total area is 26 km2 and the country got its independence from United Kingdom in Oct 1, 1978

Tuvalu uses Tuvalu dollar and Australian dollar.

It is not clear Tuvalu has active citizenship by investment scheme offering passport to investors, but the country may open a CBI scheme in the future.

Tuvalu does have Passports Act, offering passports to immigrant investors, which says.

The Investment Passport Committee shall issue a Tuvalu Passport valid for 5 years and valid for travel to such countries as may be endorsed thereon to any investor immigrant, to any investor spouse and to any investor dependant child who applies for one in the prescribed manner and who fulfils the prescribed conditions, which shall include a fee representing a substantial investment in Tuvalu.

A Tuvalu Passport may be extended to include the spouse of the applicant, and a passport may be extended to include any child of such applicant.

Investment Passport Committee

Eligibility Criteria for Portuguese Residency

  • Hold no criminal record
  • Initial entry to Portugal on a valid Schengen visa.
  • Pay application and handling charges where relevant
  • Provide verification that fund reserves begin from abroad.
  • The applicant’s property isn’t solidified inside the limits of EU.
  • Meet or surpass the base stay necessities. (Seven days for the principal year, 14 days for consequent two-year time spans.)

Advantages of Portuguese Residency:

  • Accessibility to Portuguese healthcare & education
  • Invest in Portuguese Real Estate
  • Family Member are also entitled for Portuguese residency.
  • Live and work in Portugal, applicant must stay 7 days in the first year of residence and two weeks in the subsequent years.
  • Obtain Permanent Residency or citizenship upon 5 year completion as a temporary resident.

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