Spain Residency Visa

  • Eligibility Requirements for Spain residency visa
  • Advantages of Spain Residency Permit

Minimum Investment



Minimum Investment

99999 +


Time To Residency

5- +


Visa Free Access

130 +


Spain Residency Visa By Investment Program

Spain residency program was launched by the Spanish government In 2013 to give non-EU residents and their families the chance to acquire temporary residency in return for doing real estate investment in Spain.
The Spain residency visa is valid for two years and can be renewed given the candidate meets the monetary prerequisites and has lived for in any event 183 days in Spain every year.
You will be qualified for permanent residency post five years of holding the temporary residency permit and following 10 years of legitimate residency, you might be qualified for naturalization.

Eligibility Requirements for Spain residency visa

  • Be more than 18 years of age
  • Should no have irregular immigration status
  • Financial Proof of supporting you and your family’s stay for the period you’re applying without working in Spain.
  • No Criminal Record in the recent three months confirmed by the specialist from your country.
  • Medical Insurance bought in with the company qualified for work in Spain.

Advantages of Spain Residency Permit

  • Applicable for permanent residency
  • Visa free travel across Schengen Countries.
  • The privilege to live and work in Spain, with no time limit
  • Peaceful, democratic and politically stable nation
  • High quality of life and low cost of living
  • Access to medicinal services and education.

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