Portugal Visa and Residency | Portuguese Residency Benefits

A house to rich culture, mesmerizing countryside views and sparkling cities, Portugal has a great location sharing its borders with another gorgeous country, Spain. The beauty of the country and its unbelievably rich history attracts thousands of tourists and immigrants every year.
Open Borders is a global diplomatic services firm that provides financial advisory and helps High Net worth Individuals, entrepreneurs, and individuals with business or senior management experience in attaining residency for this beautiful country by means of investments and financial deposits in the country.
If an individual is interested in relocating to Portugal, or any European Union or Caribbean country, we can prove to be extremely helpful, as we are a specialized agency that works closely with the Governments of these countries and investors, to provide you with useful insights, which will help you get the residency status smoothly and easily. Open Borders guides you throughout the application process with a dedicated team of professionals that will monitor and work with the country’s government and investment firms to construct a high-return portfolio of investments for you.
Along with astute assistance on the financial investments, we can make, we also support investors in the application process; using our expertise and detailed knowledge achieved by working closely with the government. The multi-beneficial assistance facilitates speedy application process, helping you to get your Residency much faster than expected, accompanied with a security that the second passport you get, won’t be canceled and is not restricted by an expiry date of the passport or by future amendments that will be made to the Residency by investment program.
If you are an investor, who is looking to expand his or her horizon in the breath-taking European nations, then you must consider the tailor-made solutions offered by Open Borders to ensure a safe, secure and speedy residency status, alongside providing stability to your status.

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