Montenegro Citizenship By Investment

  • Benefits of Montenegro Program
  • Advantages of Montenegro Citizenship

Minimum Investment

$ 199900 +


Time To Citizenship



Montenegro Citizenship By Investment

Montenegro has one of the fastest-growing economies on the Balkan Peninsula. Montenegro offers a very efficient and productive environment for investors, including a flat corporate tax rate of 9%. Citizens of Montenegro can enter visa-free in 122 destinations, among them the Member States of the Schengen area, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, and Turkey.

Benefits of Montenegro Program:

  • Montenegro aims to have full EU membership in 2025.
  • No requirement to live in the country, not even for one day.
  • The fastest way to get citizenship in Europe since the application time frame is only 3 months.

Advantages of Montenegro Citizenship:

  • Different investment options.
  • No requirement to speak the Montenegrin language.
  • No requirement to renounce your current citizenship.
  • A favorable taxation regime.
  • Ability to visit visa-free 122 destinations including the Schengen zone countries.
  • Valid for life and can be passed to future generations.
  • After the EU accession, the full freedom to live, work and study anywhere in the 28 EU member states.

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