Ireland Residency By Investment

  • Fast access to a European residency permit.
  • Good and international education.
  • Residency for your family too.

Minimum Investment

$ 1 Million


Time To Residency



Ireland Residency By Investment

The purpose of the Immigrant Investor Programme (“IIP”) is to enable non-EEA nationals and their families who commit to an approved investment in Ireland to acquire permanent residency in Ireland.
The IIP was set up by the Irish Government in 2012. In 2017 the Irish Government Economic & Evaluation Service published a positive interim evaluation of the IIP.

Eligibility Requirements for Obtaining Ireland Residency Program

  • Be of age
  • Have good character
  • This investment must be financed from the applicant’s own resources, rather than a loan and must be committed for a minimum of three years.

Advantages of Ireland Residency:

  • Fast access to a European residency permit because the whole program takes less than four months.
  • Good and international education in Ireland.
  • Ireland has the headquarters of some of the world class businesses and listed as the 8th best country for business worldwide.
  • You get a residency for your family too.

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