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The Republic of Cyprus, popularly known as Cyprus is an island country, which is the third-largest island nation in the Eastern Mediterranean part of Europe. An island country, surrounded with neighbors like Turkey in the north, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, Egypt, and Greece, Cyprus is home to a beautiful widespread coastal line, giving its residents the blessing of wonderful beach life with amazing weather all through the year.

Cyprus offers the most rapid and one of the most secured paths in getting the citizenship of a European country by means of Cypriot citizenship, which can be availed through an investment program. This citizenship offering is available for high and ultra-high net worth individuals – in order to promote investment and growth in the country – where individuals are required to invest in the country’s real estate starting at a minimum of EUR 2 million.
Open Borders help our clients make the necessary investment and get a speedy passport for the country. Once you sign up with us as a client, you are required to pay half of the fees and reserve a suitable property in Cyprus by paying a EUR 10.000 refundable deposit into the escrow account of the realtor.

We further connect and work closely with the Government of Cyprus as well as with some of the best the real estate developers in the country, to provide their clients a speedy and hassle-free experience of getting a passport for Cypriot citizenship in as fast as 6 months, along with a value-for-money property deal in a premium location.

Therefore, if you are an investor who is looking out for a rational real estate investment that may also earn you the citizenship of a well-located European country; we, at Open Borders, will provide dedicated solutions and trained experts that are ready to discuss every opportunity and possibility with you to maximize your benefits out of it!

How Owning A Second Passport Will Change Your Life?

Are you facing border limits and investment issues because of your passport? if your answer is “yes”, then, you have come to the right website.

The best part about obtaining a second passport is that it makes you incredibly mobile when it comes to traveling to different parts of the world. This ease making crucial decisions such as in what part of the world does the individual want to reside, live, work in, etc.

Citizenship-by-investment programs are the perfect solution for entrepreneurs and businesspeople. There are many countries that welcome dual nationality in turn for real estate investment or donation. Apart from the same, acquiring the right passport makes international transacting a stress-free affair alongside providing the individual with a host of financial benefits such as favorable interest and exchange rates.

Our experts are eager to advise you further on the same; you can reach out to us and receive a free consultation from our end to convince you and direct you regarding the next steps to be taken.

Why Open Borders CBI

Open Borders is an authorized and approved financial and diplomatic advisory company specializing in providing global citizenship programs.

We have in-depth legal knowledge and extensive expertise in the fields of relocation, citizenship, and generational planning. Open Borders boasts a portfolio of carefully selected immigrant investor programs. Our objective is to offer an all-round solution for high-net-worth individuals and their families. We serve as highly valued advisers to Government agencies; this helps us create, implement and manage investor programs with lots of ease. Putting the client’s needs on top is the first step that we take followed by a quick second passport and citizenship through investment programs that have little or no residency requirements.