Open Borders – CBI empowers HNWI investors and their families to obtain a fully legal citizenship and passport through a financial contribution or a real estate acquisition in that respective country. All programmes are governed by respective laws and supported by the government, with the objective of encouraging foreign investment into the country for its subsequent development. The citizenship-by-investment or residency laws, process and requirements can all be found in the country’s Constitution.

You must be over 18 years of age, without a criminal record and they should be able to provide sufficient funds for the application.

According to the prescribed law, some countries offer citizenship-by-investment, whereas others offer residency-by-investment. Citizenship programmes guarantee full lifetime citizenship in the country of choice and the second passport is granted immediately following a successful application. Residency programmes offer immediate residency following a successful application and full citizenship can usually be applied for after a period of time. A second passport will only be given following citizenship approval.

The application costs of a citizenship by investment program depends on the country program, the investment option that you choose as well as the number of family members that are applying with you.

Through an Authorized Government Agency such as IRC Invest. The application process is explained in detail. Each program is different.

You will only be unsuccessful if you have not been completely honest with your application or have a criminal conviction. To date we have been 100% successful with our clients.

For the majority of programmes the main government donation or real estate investment is not made until after approval is granted, or the investment is held in a government escrow account, which is fully refundable if you are not successful with your application. The only non-refundable aspect is the due diligence or legal fees paid.