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Second citizenship or residency programs offer multiple benefits for people who are looking to move out of Dubai. Better career growth or business opportunities, more travel options without waiting in line for visas, better standards of living, and higher security and safety for yourself and your family. Shifting and settling down in a European country like Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Spain, etc. by obtaining its residency, is certainly going to put you in a better position than at present and provide you with the accessibility to some attractive yet unexplored investment alternatives, accompanied with improved living standards than at your current resident country.

Visa Free ,Tax Free
and much more
. . .
Safe , Affordable

Nowadays, many European countries are offering residency statuses to individuals and families with high net worth characteristics, by encouraging them to make an investment in their countries in exchange of appealing offers. One such benefit offered by the governments of these European nations is the chance to travel visa-free to different countries, using their status of being a part of the European Union to their advantage

Citizenship By Investment

We at Open Borders have vast experience in helping individuals gain their residency status in European countries like Spain, Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus in a time frame as short as 6 months. This is because we have continuously worked with government officials and developers of these countries in the past, to devise a smooth process of speeding residency applications and ensuring better investment opportunities for you

With the help of Open Borders’ consultants and financial advisers, individuals and families can be sure about their investment decisions and save a sufficient amount of time and money that would have otherwise be wasted in running around with your applications, being clueless of how to approach the authorities, with high chances of investing in Ponzi schemes in the name of citizenship through investment programs. Thus, to avoid the fraudulent practices, we encourage you to opt for a reliable, supportive company such as ourselves to secure your future!

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