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Benefits of Second Passport

A second passport is your key to a new world of free movement, greater flexibility, and legal tax reduction or no tax at all. When you qualify for a second passport, your spouse and minor children will also qualify

Becoming a Caribbean citizen entitles you to enjoy many benefits. To travel without a visa, live and work in over 170+ countries around the world and to relocate with your family to some of the most beautiful and safest countries whenever you need to

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Benefits of Second Citizenship




  • Property tax ranging from 0.6% to 1.9%
  • Transfer tax on properties ranging from 3%-8%
  • A non-resident individual is taxed on Cyprus-source income only


  • Persons who are residing  in Malta are taxable on their income
  • No capital duty, no property tax, no inheritance, and no net worth tax
  • Tax is generally due on any gain from the transfer of property



  • Non-residents are taxed on Greece-source of profits only

  • No capital duty, no net worth tax

  • Stamp duty for individuals is 3.6%
  • Property taxation includes the main tax




  • Non-residents are taxed on their Portuguese-source of income only

  • Real Estate income is taxed at a flat rate of 28%
  • A municipal tax is levied on property sales and transfers




  • Non-residents are taxed on Spanish-source of income
  • For capital gains, progressive rates apply
  • Stamp duty is applicable at 0.5-1%



  • Non-residents are taxed on Grenada-source of profits only
  • No Capital gains, Stamp Duty, Capital acquisitions, No inheritance tax, Property Tax is ranging 0-0.5% depending on the property use


  • No Capital gains, Stamp duty, Capital acquisitions, & no property tax
  • Non-resident individuals are taxed on income derived in Dominica
  • Tax treaty is in force with CARICOM

Antigua & Barbuda

  • Individuals are taxed on income derived  in the country only

  • Capital gains are not subject to tax
  • No capital duty, capital acquisitions tax, inheritance, and net worth tax
  • Treaties are in force with CARICOM and the United Kingdom

St. Lucia

  • Non-residents are taxed on St. Lucia-source of profits only

  • No capital gains, stamp duty, capital acquisitions, no inheritance tax
  • Property tax is ranging 0-0.5% depending on the property use



St Kitts & Nevis

  • No personal income tax, capital duty or capital acquisitions taxProperty tax
  • ranges 0.2-0.3% base on property use and location  Stamp duty on transfer of property  2% to 18.5% paid by the seller