Open Borders CBI

A Government Authorized and Specialized Agent for Citizenship Advisory and Diplomatic Services

We offer services to Investors, High-Net-Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Individuals with senior management experience

We are defined by our values; integrity, transparency, accuracy, and timeliness. Our passion and dedication is to help our clients to achieve their dreams of securing their life and the life of their loved ones

Years of experience are the foundation of a smooth, swift application process. The lifeline of our business depends on our ability to expedite your file towards a fast and successful conclusion

Our network of experienced professionals in global citizenship and residency dedicate their technical skills to provide you with guidance tailored to your needs

Your passport cannot be revoked, and it is not limited by any expiry date or changes to the Citizenship by Investment Program. In an increasingly volatile and uncertain world, you will have the security and peace of mind offered by a second passport



Happy families are settled in their desired locations 

Why Open Borders Is Best ?

  • OPEN BORDERS is a Government Authorized Agent specialized in global citizenship programs
  • We are experts in the field of relocation, citizenship and generational planning for high-net-worth individuals and their families
  • With a portfolio of carefully selected immigrant investor programs, we offer a unique solution for you to become a part of the Global Citizen Club
  • With our in-depth legal knowledge and expertise, we are selected by the government agencies to create, implement and to manage investor programs
  • We put you, the client, first and provide you with a second passport and citizenship with little or no residency requirement
  • Our International Programs range from European Countries to Caribbean Islands, delivering the benefits of a safe haven, freedom of movement and profitable investment all in one

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