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With the increasing impact of globalization over time, more and more people are moving out of their home countries to foreign lands in search for a better job, a better lifestyle and greater security for their families. Even people who weren’t always keen on exploring different countries and their cultures, traditions and views; have now become receptive to travelling around. Thanks to the introduction of a ‘second citizenship program’ by Open Borders, you can choose to settle in one of the countries that you find interesting!


There are many countries, which are offering the chance for you to get a second citizenship by way of some, particularly designed investment programs. These programs allow candidates to obtain citizenship by making an investment in the form of buying a property in that certain country, or by donating a certain amount which may provide fruitful results for growing a country’s economy as well as infrastructural conditions. The funds invested by you as either donated or through real estate, act as means for a variety of developmental initiatives in that country, and in return, the government acknowledges your contribution by granting you citizenship.

Open Borders is a financial advisory and diplomatic services company based in Dubai. We are authorized by the government to support clients in getting dual citizenship and helping them move to a different country. With operations spread out worldwide, our company comprises expert consultants who are trained and specialized in designing global citizenship programs for high net-worth investors.





Thus, after carrying out a few formalities and signing some legal documents, for which, Open Borders will be providing you with full assistance, owning two different passports will be a rather candid process. The same will be completed in a matter of a few months and you will be able to enjoy the freedom and rights of residing in two different countries

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